Escape to the Bahamas on a Yacht Charter

The magnificent islands of the Bahamas, an unsurpassed destination in South Florida, are within easy reach and ideal for a study trip. It’s awesome how crowded and untouched these islands are, given their proximity to the mainland. A marina with protected harbors, numerous shipping spots and secluded islands, this archipelago also has many protected areas where flora, fauna and marine life thrive. Almost a quarter of the earth’s corals live here, and this is a place for diving and snorkeling with an underwater world unlike any other. Like precious stones scattered all over the ocean, the abundance of islands and coves offers endless opportunities for relaxing sailing with mild trade winds and year-round summer temperatures. Unsurprisingly, seeing the world from your private yacht in the Bahamas is an incredible experience.


Andros is the largest island in the chain of the Bahamas. Lush and lush greenery, there are plenty of adventures for outdoor enthusiasts with excellent diving spots, as well as opportunities for deep-sea fishing and fly fishing. The vast territory of the island, divided into Northern, Central, Southern Andros and Mangrove Bay, is cut by streams, so you can only get from one end to the other by yacht or plane. The Andros National Park system makes it an ecotourism center with unspoilt beauty and endangered species protected by the National Trust of the Bahamas.

The Bahamas boasts a record number of sapphire holes both in the ocean and inland, and many of these secret and fascinating geological wonders are found in the waters around Andros. It is believed that due to their uniqueness and great interest, only 1% has been fully investigated. Divers can descend through vertical caves and get into underwater passages that pass through caves hundreds of meters below the surface of the sea. Legends say that a sea monster named Luska lives in dark sapphire holes-so be careful, divers! In addition to these rare underwater opportunities, many places on the island are also home to a variety of marine life, especially considering that the second largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere is located here.

Andros specializes in the production of traditional and colorful Androsia fabric. It is made at the Androsia batik factory in Fresh Creek, and the island is very proud of this delicate handmade craft. The shades and design of the fabric are based on the beautiful country of the Bahamas and usually combine lush heat pink and purple tones, decorated with beautiful white prints. You can buy these items at various shops and markets around the island, but if you buy them directly at the Androsia batik factory, visitors can get a free tour that is worth it. Another interesting activity that is worth paying attention to is the manufacture of waterproof straw baskets, which are also made by local residents.

Food means traditional Bahamian dishes, in particular land crabs, perfectly cooked on Andros. Dubbed “crab Country” because of the island’s successful harvest, the National Trust of the Bahamas has established a 4,000-hectare land-based crab sanctuary on Andros to ensure that populations continue to thrive and meet demand. The Crab Festival, which is of great importance for this national dish, is celebrated every year and attracts thousands of visitors who come to the island to enjoy festivals dedicated to the heritage and culture of the crab industry, as well as incredible culinary experiences.

Eleuthera and the port island

The tale of two islands, Eleuthera and Harbor Island, is surrounded by clusters of beautiful islands and sandbanks. Harbor Island was once the capital of the Bahamas, and is now home to a quiet coastal town with New England-style architecture and stunning 3-mile-long pink sand beaches. Harbor Island attracts many discerning visitors and has received the title of “St. Bartholomew’s Day of the Bahamas”, where celebrities and fashionistas make it their favorite vacation destination. Lush palm trees and flower-lined streets, which locals call “Breeland”, as well as exciting dives with strong currents and pink flamingos give it charm. Take a fascinating tour through the narrow streets of Dunmore, which was built by Lord Dunmore in the 18th century.

By contrast, Eleuthera is a pencil-thin island with 210 miles of coastline. With three airports serving this vast stretch of natural beauty, it serves as a gateway for travelers to the islands beyond. A short drive from St. George’s Cay Island, you will find yourself in the quiet town of Spanish Wells with the charming atmosphere of a New England fishing village. In the busy harbor, local fishermen catch Lobsters, known locally as lobsters, every day. Visit the glass bridge, where the sapphire fluorescent waves of the Atlantic roll into the opening under the Queen’s Highway and magically become crystal clear when they appear from the Caribbean Sea. Climb the coral cliffs to admire the view from both sides, enjoying both strength and tranquility, and the sporadic descent from the bellows at the southern end of the bridge is quite impressive.


Picturesque Exuma is ideal for those who are looking for secluded tranquility, where pristine beaches are commonplace and beach bars are not visible. This is definitely not the place for those looking for nightlife on the shore, as there are only a few bars throughout the 95-mile chain, and the pace is incredibly slow. The Government of the Bahamas has created a large 176-square-mile national park in the center of Exuma, preserving incredible landscapes both above and below the water.

A must-visit is the Thunderball Grotto, an underground cave where the James Bond film “Thunderball” was filmed. At high tide, the entrance to the cave is underwater, but at low tide, dive through the hole and the cave opens up in an impressive way, with lots of skylights coming out through the roof and hundreds of colorful fish that are welcome in the water. It’s really an unprecedented experience. Another natural wonder awaits you at Blow Hole Beach, where an awesome phenomenon can be seen from a quiet lagoon. Hidden by limestone hills, on the other side of the island is a seawater stream generated by wave energy from a hidden vent.

Norman Island is a gem; avoid the hustle and bustle of the main harbor and instead opt for an anchorage on the east side, where the beaches are out of this world and scuba diving is the perfect pastime for sand. At the southern tip of the island, a plane crash is an exciting diving adventure in which corals and marine life thrive. Head to the nearby Savan Cay Bay, where there is a great mangrove landscape that can be explored at high tide next to two beautiful white sand beaches that are often deserted.

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