Go Wild in the Western Isles Archipelago

As we head towards a distant Travel Beacon promising boundless recognition around the world and safe passage for the boys who do, our danger naturally lies on distant shores with powdery locks, azure waters and indulgent humans. But while the tropical Caribbean island group and the Maldives also have it, a small but highly sought-after island paradise is located 50 miles north of Scotland, which is home to all these species and many others.

The Western Isles (superior known as the “outer Isles”) are full of natural wonders, Celtic roots deeper than anywhere else on the islands, and a gourmet pantry filled with culinary talent from around the world. As for the summer months and the long days they bring, they are canceled for new ways of “walking around”, with unchanging impressions that our team has organized.

Conquer the sparkling waves on the rocky north coast of Lewis

The peaceful island of Lewis offers two options: the best surf spots in Europe and is surrounded by an incredible contrast of waves and white sandy beaches. Scotland has long been synonymous with epic conditions for high-end surfing in the world, as many professionals abandon the sunny climate of the continent with characteristic peak waves, but head a little further north and you will be spoiled for choice.

A small community of Hebridean surf schools offers unique access to the island’s desert areas, training courses and expert stories about the surrounding countryside. Located on the way to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, Lewis is the North-western border of exceptional European waves and therefore you can count on it to create stable waves of high quality.

Dive in for freshly caught scallops at Whig Pier

Mouth-watering, a palate of seafood connoisseurs from all over the world, delicious grilled scallops and simple tingling in the mouth. Atlantic Pantry, in the Western Isles, manufactures award-winning products and, although you can find a plane ticket that can be found in many Michelin-starred plates, there is nothing superior than sitting by the water watching the local fishermen unload their cargo in the port and settling down to sleep

The famous “scallop hut” in WIGE is one of these little-known treasures. Their scallops are harvested by hand (every day) and washed in the clear waters around the island, which actually makes them the best they have ever tasted. Stir-fried and served with the award-winning MacLeod Stornoway pudding, the flavor stays with you long after you taste it. As an extra treat, try the scallops on the beautiful Wig Bay Beach, just a 6-minute drive from the port. A real seafood delight.

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