Island Hopping in St Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, consisting of more than 32 islands and bays, of which only nine are inhabited, is rightfully called the “pearls of the Caribbean Sea”. Known for its deserted beaches, crystal clear waters and stunning diving spots, most of this vast archipelago is accessible only by boat, making it the perfect place for a relaxing yacht charter in beautiful seclusion.

The short distances in the middle of the islands make it easy to reach rainforests or white sand beaches, lively harbors or refreshing reggae-style shacks. The endless choice of private jetties, opportunities for snorkeling and exciting activities make the Grenadines even more attractive. Walk along the green paths to dive under the waterfalls, where the landscape and wildlife are so stunning that the raw beauty you experienced initialhand can never be fully reproduced in a photograph.

St. Vincent

Sailing South will make the most of all prevailing currents and weather systems, so the starting point on St. Vincent is ideal. Rocky and volcanic, this island has remained largely untouched and offers many opportunities for exploring. The interior is mostly undeveloped and full of wildlife, which means that this place is the most successful for tourists. Climb the 1,200 m high active Soufriere Volcano, which last erupted in 1979, to admire the incredible views, walk through the Sunshine Market to buy the award-winning very strong Sunset rum, or head north to enjoy the natural beauty of the waterfalls from wild whales. Those who are looking for less exciting joyfull prefer a more relaxing stay in the beautiful historical Botanical Garden near Kingstown or have a cocktail at the famous Capt Lounge Bar.Bly, while the flaming sunset descends to the horizon. Nearby, at a private holiday resort on Yang Island, take the time to spend a luxurious relaxing day, where you can do great snorkeling in the sapphire Lagoon.


Head to the charming island of Bekia, where Admiralty Bay is an excellent anchor station near the colorful capital of Port Elizabeth, dotted with local restaurants and the white sand of nearby Princess Margaret Beach. Take a walk along the Belmont footpath before enjoying a cocktail at Frangipani’s award-winning oceanfront bar. The chilled beach cafes in Lower Bay offer a cool atmosphere or, for the adventurous, have a sunset picnic on the high peak of Mount Peggy. Bekia offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity with international art and joyfull events in a vibrant community. Known for its wooden shipbuilding, take the time to look for hand-carved replicas of historical monuments made by local craftsmen for local shops. Take an adventure tour of the island – admire the 360-degree view of Mount Pleasant, visit the fabulous Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, sip Rum Punch at the firefly plantation and admire the architecture of the West Indies under the ubiquitous lush foliage.on the way. Friendship Bay offers a quiet anchorage in natural beauty, ideal for hours of relaxing water sports and snorkeling in clean heat waters, while divers will appreciate the many marine life on the popular dive site The Wall. Take a cruise on the private uninhabited island of Little Nevis, rich in the history of whaling and an awesome place for diving on the reefs.


Shrouded in a whirlwind of glamorous history, the small island of Mustik needs no introduction. Celebrities and flight enthusiasts on the so-called billionaires’ Island have long been striving for exclusivity, and residents such as Princess Margaret and David Bowie are increasing the number of tourists. Today, in some areas, the island still retains its wild and natural topography with stretches of calm beaches and dirt roads that simply enhance the hedonistic appeal. However, the pristine villas and manicured lawns stand up and offer tropical privacy to today’s star who wants to retire while maintaining a strict social schedule at the few opulence resorts that can be found here. On the waterfront, among the vibrant boutiques and boutiques, don’t miss the opportunity to stop at the famous Basil Bar, famous for its spontaneous Mick Jagger sessions. The nearby reef is teeming with fish and is ideal for scuba diving. Fishing is prohibited in this protected area, and turtles can be seen from the decks of yachts that rise from the algae thickets to breathe fresh air. The coast of Mustik is unique, with nine very different beaches and many coves that are worth visiting. In North Point and Rutland Bay, the terrain is rugged, with raging waves, and around Pasture Bay you will find a wild walk along the windswept beach. On the contrary, the Grand Croissant Macaroni Beach in the East is considered one of the ten best beaches in the world with sparkling white sand and emerald green palm trees. For a refreshing swim in the Gulf of Gellicho there are magical turquoise and clear waters that just need to be explored. in the middle of the islands of Mosquito and Canouan there are excellent opportunities for snorkeling and diving opposite the tiny uninhabited islands of Petit Mosquito and Savan, each of which has a small sandy beach – pay attention to the friendly and curious manta rays.

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