The Great Beaches on the Llŷn Peninsula

The Llnn Peninsula is a popular part of North Wales for many reasons, but it stands out for its beautiful views and dramatic and rugged landscapes. One of the most popular parts of this area is the many beautiful beaches surrounding this cape and bounding the towns and villages of this popular place.

The beaches of the almost 100-mile-long Llnn Peninsula have charming coastal towns such as Abersoch, Llanbedrog, Pulheli and Porthmadog, to name just a few. Nevertheless, it is the beauty of the beaches that attracts many people to this region every year. This region, known as the “Welsh Riviera” because of its long sandy beaches and calm lake, is really beautiful and needs to be seen to be seen. Here are five of the best beaches that can be found along the coastline of the Flax Peninsula.

1. Port-Queiriada

This impressive beach is located in a beautiful location at the southern tip of the peninsula, about 1.6 km from the village of Abersoch. The big bay is surrounded by pebbles and rocks that protect it from many elements. The beach faces south, making it an ideal place for sunbathing and water sports; and it’s also a great place to watch surfers during the colder months. One of the advantages is the fact that you are allowed to take your dog with you all year round without seasonal restrictions, and that is why dog owners are very caring.

2. Iago holder

Port Jago is a small picturesque bay on the northern coast of the Flax Peninsula. White sand and sapphire water are located in a bay bounded by capes. If the weather heats up, you may be forgiven for basking in the sun somewhere on the Mediterranean, but honestly, it’s great at any time of the year. The beach is protected, clean and ideal for the whole family, making it an ideal place for a day at sea.

3. Aberdaron

At the western tip of the Llnn Peninsula is the small village of Aberdaron, located in a beautiful bay and on a large sandy beach. This beach is ideal for those who have small children, as rock pools can be a lot of fun for several hours. The village behind the beach has local amenities, so you don’t have to walk far if you need to freshen up. Around the bay and to the right of the sea is the port of Medvi, where boats land. Going down the bay at the other end of this beach, you will see a view of Enlli. This charming village is small, but it has two charming pubs, a large fish shop and a National Trust Centre.

4. Whistling Sands (Port Auer)

This mystical beach must be one of the most wonderful beaches on the peninsula, because the sand under your feet can “creak” or “hiss” and give a name to the distinctive coast. The sound of whistling or singing sand is actually caused by the shape of the sand particles, and only one other beach in Europe has the same sand, on the island of Eigg in Scotland.

While here, you can do various water sports or just sit and admire the steep grassy cliffs surrounding the curved sand -this beach is popular with surfers and can be a great starting point for a coastal walk to explore the surroundings.rural area. Nearby there is a great cafe, ideal for light snacks, as well as parking for easy access.

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