Ways to Add a Little Opulence to Your Holiday on Home Turf

With a “stay at home” trend holding up well into the New Year, those in urgent need of pampering may think at initial glance that “exquisite touches” are rare in self-catering holidays on British soil. While “Great British Vacation” was once synonymous with maritime adventure and rather mundane accommodation, in the last decade there have been a lot of really unusual escape houses (and experiences) that really feel like a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We all like to be taken care of and, although this traditionally means chauffeured trips to the airport, thoughtful turndown services and soap bubbles on arrival at magnificent receptions, those who prefer to rest near you are now discovering the joys of personalized service outside hotels.

As experts in the development of personalized holidays, our team has selected a selection of tips to help you take full advantage of the opportunities that may be available during your next vacation.

Do you have any special requirements? Never be afraid to ask a question!

Most likely, the appointment service of the holiday home you have chosen has already processed a similar request. Whether you ask the owner or the local staff to sprinkle your house with rose petals, put more pillows in the master bedroom, light a firewood fireplace or make sure that the refrigerator contains only dairy-free milk, the network of people is ready to customize your visit. In this new era where the interests of customers are really put forward, travel agents are desperately trying to find out their preferences and the juxtaposition of their likes and dislikes makes their job a little easier!

New generation concierge services

The term “concierge”, which was once limited to a desk in a corner of a hotel lobby, has evolved to include everyone who has local knowledge in the appointment process and is willing to share it with you. Do you want to book a table for two at your favorite seafood restaurant at sunset? Do you need a handwritten guide to the most beautiful beaches to take your four-legged friend for a walk in the spring? There is a lot of internal information just waiting to be shared, so that every second of your stay is remembered for all the right reasons.

Independent kitchen, but not necessarily with your own hands

Foodies by nature, there is nowhere superior to try your hand at cooking than here in the UK. But while many freestanding kitchens are now equipped with a whole arsenal of tools, there are many other gourmet restaurants that you can enjoy during your vacation at home. Exceptional private chefs work closely with many holiday companies and a quick Google search will help you contact the most unusual suppliers. The private events industry – from classic 4-course banquets to opulence snacks – can relieve the stress of a party or a family event from the comfort of your own home.

Get behind the new wheel

One of the many advantages of a self-catering cottage in the UK (compared to traditional international trips) is the possibility of loading the car with all kinds of luggage. Gone are the days when you had to be frugal in choosing clothes; pack a kit for every occasion (as the British weather often dictates!), as well as hiking boots, bicycles, balls – even four-legged friends! To discover the extra opulence, why not rent a “dream car” and explore the coast, the countryside and the banks of the rivers? opulence SUVs with heated seats, stylish little roadsters with reclining hoods – we are all for style!

Specially designed itineraries will entertain even the most demanding travelers

Where previously many vacationers could only sit and sunbathe in the summer sun, modern travelers like to immerse themselves in culture, the wonders of nature and the hidden secrets of the chosen place. However, it really takes time to understand the essence of the destination, so for many, offering a hand-composed itinerary that will help you spend time is an unsurpassed opulence. Let your tour operator identify the must-see attractions in your area by appointment tickets, delivering bicycles directly to your door, even organizing private surfing and horseback riding lessons to give a new insight into the nature that surrounds you.

Whichever way you choose to set your compass in 2021, we recommend exploring the hidden wonders right on your doorstep, where the “most subtle touches” certainly abound.

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